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Build a Stronger Association for your Members

By saving both time and money, cProject can help you focus more attention on what matters most – your Members.

Grow your organization.

Your organization is more than likely the hub of industry related communication for your region. With cProject, you can not only retain current members, but also help create more value to attract new members. By delivering, in real time, region specific bid opportunities to your general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors, your association will become an indispensable and vital link in the bid lifecycle.


Keep your project information safe.

The cProject team takes the protection of your information seriously. From personal and company information to bid and project information, we understand that some things should still be “for your eyes only,” or in this case, “for your association’s eyes only.” With cProject, you are able to keep your local and regional bid information truly local and regional by distributing information to only those in your organization. All without concern that it is being viewed by the outside world. Because occasionally bid dates change and projects may be put on hold, the bid list you create will remain intact until you choose to remove them from your bid list.

Built in access control.

We hope your association membership is always trending upward but we also realize that sometimes members leave, for many different reasons. With cProject, every real time bid that is distributed is treated like a “By Invitation Only Party,” giving your association the ability to control and monitor each and every bid document, as well as each and every recipient. This helps foster a fair and well-intentioned digital plan room for each of your members. Your association’s cProject “Company Administrator” can also assign access to specific individuals within the organization’s staff.


Save time.

Your software solution should not increase your workload or task time. Using cProject, both your staff and your members will gain a better user experience through a more streamlined and efficient file uploading system, faster and more accurate bid creation, and real time group notifications. Through easy-to-navigate and intuitive UI (user interface), your association’s staff will be up and running within minutes, not hours or days. With time saving features like report generation, drag and drop file creations, and automated bid status updates, more time can now be dedicated to things like member services and organization growth.

Pocketbook friendly.

As a cost saving alternative to the traditional plan room options, cProject can deliver greater value with less impact on your budget. The team of cProject believes that neither your association nor its members should be required to pay a toll to view information you have gathered.

Increase your fund balance.

Your digital plan room should not put your association in the red. In fact, we believe that it should do the exact opposite. Beyond delivering more value at a fraction of the traditional plan room cost and helping to build a larger member base, cProject can also put money back into your association’s bank account by creating a new revenue stream through sponsorship opportunities.

Distribute documents to your on the go members.

Deliver region specific bid documents in a mobile friendly format that’s compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Develop your organization's brand with real metrics

Now that you have created a true need for your growing organization, it is time to let your region know who you are and what you are all about. Maybe you are helping to develop and implement a “Buy Local” or “Local Participation” plan with your local chamber of commerce. You could be cold calling companies that currently don’t participate in your association because they “don’t see the benefit.” Or, maybe you just want to let your current members know exactly how hard you are working on their behalf. Whatever the reason, cProject gives you up-to-the-minute metrics and data to support your campaign.

See What cProject Users Are Saying

(Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!)

“cProject is user-friendly and offers the AGC of Southeast Texas a low-cost alternative to our previous plan room. The transition for our members to cProject has been seamless. By allowing only our members to have access to information about local projects that are uploaded by our local office staff, cProject assists the AGC of Southeast Texas in “keeping business local”. Overall, cProject has made uploading files and entering projects so much easier on our staff than our previous plan room. Developed by a general contractor who knows exactly what general contractors and subs need and want in a digital plan room, cProject has helped turn something that used to subtract from our fund balance to something that now adds to our fund balance.”

Jennifer Gordy

Executive Director, AGC of Southeast Texas

“Our local AGC chapter adopted cProject after using another nationally known program. I am very impressed with the program’s ease of use and shallow learning curve while still providing our members with comprehensive and accurate data in real time. In addition, it keeps our regional bid information LOCAL. In my opinion, cProject greatly improves the level of service our AGC chapter provides to our membership.”

Billy J. Smith, Jr.

President, Fittz & Shipman, Inc. Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors

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